Lego Club

Dr. Bridgett Tate, Licensed Psychologist and Autism Mom, faciliates our Lego Club. She is has completed training by the Let's Play Institute for using modalities of play as a means to build skills and learn. Lego Club is a place where neurodivergent individuals can come together to learn problem solving, build social skills, and foster new firendships all while having fun! 

The group is designed to provide a positive and supportive environment where students can practice their communication and conflict resolution skills, improve problem-solving skills, and increase their self-esteem and well-being. The students are grouped by age/grade. 

Currently we are offering Lego Club as a 6-week camp. To sign up complete a new client appointment request. 

The toal cost for Lego Camp is $375 and a payment will be split as follows:

Deposit $50 collected when signing up

Part 1 $162.50 collected week 1

Part 2 $162.50 Collected week 4

Total Cost: $375